Amelia Bloomer Nomination FOR #NotYOURPRINCESS

Very honoured to nominated for the 2018 Amelia Bloomer List. The mandate for the list is to "move beyond merely 'spunky' or 'feisty' young show women overcoming the obstacles of intersecting forces of race, gender, and class, actively shaping their destinies. They break bonds forced by society as they defy stereotypical expectations and show resilience in the face of societal strictures." That certainly sounds like the incredible girls and women who share their stories in #NYP


Thanks to Steve Kraske and the incredible team at #KCUR for making me feel so welcome

When Mary Beth Leatherdale's publisher approached her about writing a children's book addressing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, she signed on immediately. With an estimated 11 million Syrians having fled their homes since 2011, she says, "we needed to do something."

Dreaming in Indian — Grappling with Big Ideas

We received the great news today that Dreaming in Indian was named by Kirkus as one of the Best Teens Book of 2014 That Grapple with Big Ideas As someone who is really passionate about finding and wrestling with the big ideas in any project — not always a predaliction that my colleagues some  share — it's rewarding to have this moniker applied to the anthology. But this time I can't take credit for the grappling. It's the contributors — from the kids at Horse Lake Nation to elders like Isabelle Knockwood and Duke Redbird — whose honesty and insight earned the book a spot. Heartfelt congratulations and thanks.